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    Our approach is simple: plan, execute, monitor, adjust, and deliver. The TMG approach is focused on defined, repeatable processes, which are key to achieving documented, step-by-step functions, resulting in high quality combined with cost reductions.

    TMG will prepare and maintain a plan that will provide primary guidance to our personnel, and will monitor and maximize quality through a two-pronged approach before any product or service is engaged with our customer:

    1) The TMG Manager develops a project plan involving the scheduling of resources and materials, adherence to the Statement of Work requirements, and overall quality of content.

    2) Before final delivery is made, the TMG Senior Manager reviews format and technical content. A sign-off and approval indicate we are ready to make the final deliverable. The person designated to receive the product must receive and approve the deliverable.

    We will encourage the use of our repeatable process approach, and we will provide these approaches to our Vehicle Manager for concurrence.

    Managing problem areas and solutions.

    Technical and managerial problems are best solved by early identification, clearly defining the issue(s), and addressing the solution(s). The Moore Group uses a proven risk management process to identify potential problems and mitigate or eliminate those problems before they occur. Our well-defined process quickly solves the problem before it can adversely affect performance. Each project is tracked against a work breakdown structure; results are compared against documented estimates, commitments, and plans; and project resources are monitored for compliance.

    Problem Resolution - Our process for reacting to and correcting problems includes:

    1) Use of our management team to assess technical problems and expedite solutions

    2) Review cost and schedule proposals for realism under changed circumstances and re-plan as needed

    3) Establish a get-well plan and discuss with the COR and Task Order Lead; obtain formal task order changes if needed

    TMG has been successful with a streamlined communication process between senior managers and line managers. A frequent review of Status Report Summaries enables TMG Management to address issues in real time and rapidly improve performance. We develop and implement multiple contract management approaches, coordinate between the programs and clients, and involve contract compliance for technical reporting, cost control, and responses to the technical or contracting office. This tool also allows us to implement best practices across multiple programs and inform Program Managers of challenges and lessons learned.

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